Below is a list of Patriots associated with members of the chapter.

Ainsworth, Edward; NH, Private

Lowell, Solomon; MA, Soldier

Baldwin, John; CT, Seaman

Lyman, Giles; MA, Private

Baldwin, Joseph; CT, Sergeant

Kerr, Robert; PA, Private

Bice, Johannis; NY, Private

Merriss, William; NEEDS CORRECTION

Boardman, David; CT, Corporal

Miller, William; MA, Private

Boardman, Joseph; CT, Captain

Nichols, Joseph; CT, Soldier

Boardman, Joshua; MA, Private

Palmer, Jedediah; CT, Patriotic Service

Bowman, Jonas; NH, Civil Service, Patriotic Service, Captain

Passage, George Sr; NY, Lieutenant

Bray, Nathaniel Sr.; MA, Private

Peach, William; MA, Private

Brown, Charles; CT, Seaman

Pendleton, Joshua; RI, Captain

Browning, John; RI, Soldier

Pendleton, William Sr; RI, Patriotic Service

Button, Jonathan; CT, Private

Perkins Jacob Sr; CT, Civil Service

Clark, Elisha; RI, Private

Perrigo, Ebenezer; CT, Corporal

Copp, Davis; MA-NH, Private

Phelps, Elnathan; MA, Private

Crary, Benjamin; CT, Lieutenant

Prescott, Micah; NH, Patriotic Service

Curtis, Jotham; CT, Captain

Rathburn, Joshua; RI, Corporal

Dana, Elijah; CT, Corporal

Roberts, George; CT, Private

Douglas, James; CT, Private

Seely, John Nicolaus; PA, Ensign

Douglas, Samuel; CT, Private

Smith, Moses; CT, Sergeant

Day, Moses; NJ, Private

Smith, Oliver; CT, Colonel

Farmer, Nathan; VA, Private

Sprague, Nathaniel; MA, Corporal

Fisk, Asa; MA, Lieutenant

Stafford, John; PA, Private

Franklin, Samuel; CT, Private

Starr, Nicholas; CT, Civil Service, Sergeant

Gifford, Elihu; MA, Corporal

Sweet, Sylvester; RI, Private

Green, David; CT, Lieutenant

Tewksbury, Isaac; NH, Patriotic Service, Soldier

Green, Isaac; RI, Corporal

Tillinghast, Charles; RI, Patriotic Servce

Griswold, Nathan Jr.; CT, Captain

Tracy, Perez; CT, Patriotic Service

Hill, James; CT, Private

Wadsworth, Thomas; CT, Patriotic Service

Johonnet, Prince; MA Private

Webb, Epenetus; CT, Sergeant

Judson, John; CT, Private

Westcott, Stukely; RI, Sergeant

Kinney, Amos; CT, Private

Wheeler, Abel; MA, Corporal

Kinney, Ezra; CT, Captain


Lamb, Samuel; CT, Soldier


Latham, David; CT, Patriotic Service



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