Lucretia Shaw Chapter, NSDAR

New London, Connecticut


John Baldwin, Smn

Joseph Baldwin, Sgt

David Boardman, Cpl

Joseph Boardman, Capt

Charles Benjamin Brown, Smn

Jonathan Button, Pvt

Benjamin Crary, Lt

Jotham Curtis, Capt

Elijah Dana, Cpl

Samuel Douglas, Pvt

Samuel Franklin, Pvt

David Green, Lt

Nathan Griswold, Jr., Capt

James Hill, Pvt

John Judson, Pvt

Ezra Kinney, Capt

Amos Kinney, Pvt

Samuel Lamb, Sol

David Latham, PS

Joseph Nichols, Sol

Jedediah Palmer, PS

Jacob Perkins, Sr., CS

Ebenezer Perrigo, Cpl

George Roberts, Pvt

Moses Smith, Sgt

Oliver Smith, Col

Oliver Spicer, Capt

Nicholas Starr, Sgt, CS

Perez Tracy, PS

Thomas Wadsworth, PS

Epenetus Webb, Sgt



Joshua Boardman, Pvt

Nathaniel Bray, Sr., Pvt

Edward Emerson, LCol

Asa Fisk, Lt

Elihu Gifford, Capt

Prince Johonnet, Pvt

Solomon Lowell, Sol

Giles Lyman, Pvt

William Miller, Pvt

William Peach, Pvt

Elnathan Phelps, Pvt

William Russell, Jr., Pvt

Nathaniel Sprague, Cpl

Noah Stoddard, Cdr

Abel Wheeler, Cpl

New Hampshire

Jonas Bowman, Capt, CS, PS

David Copp, LCol

Micah Prescott, PS

Isaac Tewksbury, Sol, PS

New Jersey

Moses Day, Pvt

New York

Johannis Bice, Pvt

George Passage, Sr., Lt


Robert Kerr, Pvt

John Nicolaus Seeley, Ens

Rhode Island

John Browning, Sol

Elisha Clark, Pvt

Isaac Green, Cpl

William Merriss, Cpl

Joshua Pendleton, Capt

Joshua Pendleton, Sr., PS

Joshua Rathburn, Cpl

Sylvester Sweet, Pvt

Charles Tillinghast, PS

Stukely Westcott, Sgt


Nathan Farmer, Pvt

Abbreviations for Patriot Service

Capt - Captain

Cdr - Commander

Col - Colonel

Cpl - Corporal

CS - Civic Service

Ens - Ensign

LCol - Lieutenant Colonel

Lt - Lieutenant

PS - Patriotic Service

Pvt - Private

Sgt - Sergeant

Smn - Seaman

Sol - Soldier


Chapter Patriots

The ancestors of the daughters of the Lucretia Shaw Chapter, NSDAR, are listed here with their rank in alphabetical order by state. This list includes ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War as well as ancestors who contributed through patriotic or civil service. To learn more about each Patriot, please visit the Ancestor Search on the NSDAR website.


To view a list of service accepted by the NSDAR, visit the Accepted Revolutionary War Service page.